Monday, August 07, 2006

World Ceasefire Vigil

World Ceasefire Vigil, originally uploaded by carf.

During the last week I’m sure there are many visitors to the Flickr photostreams who have noticed all the small black ribbons that Flickrites are now using as their buddy icons. Those icons represent more than just another Flickr identity, they represent a strong desire for world peace and a stop to the recent war breakout, by the many who have chosen to wear them for this peace action, an important action against yet another war to destroy thousands of innocent citizens, their families, their homes and their countries.

This is why over 4000 Flickrites decided to unite their actions this last week in a group called MUNDO UNO

…and the group is constantly growing as one of the fastest and most
meaningful on Flickr.

* MUNDO UNO is a call for peace.
* MUNDO UNO is a virtual protest against the madness of the war.
* MUNDO UNO is a way to say: stop the killing of civilians in both sides.

Shall we be ONE, one world, one face, one people to change this?

I hope and believe so and that is why I am asking you, my Flickr friends and contacts and anyone else visiting this Blog, to be part of this important action for World Peace.

Please join us today and take part in the group's CEASEFIRE action in
support of Amnesty International's WORLD CEASEFIRE VIGIL.
More information about this can be found in the group's discussion

I thank you and I'm sure our group members thank you.

Gregory J. Smith (CARF)
Social Entrepreneur and Founder
Children At Risk Foundation - CARF


Blogger Golden said...

I love the concept behind your blog. Of allowing people to understand your purpose and what you want people to know. It’s a great way to get the word out about world peace. I just happened to come across your blog and notice the amazing pictures that you have of these children. It’s really touching to know that people like you are out there wanting to make a difference. I never knew anything about the black ribbon but after looking at your blog and pictures it’s something that I will do. The black Ribbon is a different way of expressing the stand that needs to be taken against war but also represents the families and children lost. These pictures really stand out and mean something, when I look at them I feel the power of them and the way they can help and change are views of how we look at other countries. I love what you are doing!

11:47 pm  
Blogger Katralnada, Willow and Don said...

The Muslim Peacemaker Team representative, Sami Rasouli, was in Cleveland, Ohio and called for a peace march in Iraq. A local committee, October Surprise, sprang up to answer the call- we are organizing for the Sept.2008 march from Ur, Iraq and hope to be at the Green Zone on Oct 1- we are also calling for a World Ceasefire on October 1, 2008. Please contact Meagan, Willow,and Don at or visit the blog,

12:35 am  

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